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  Yehuda Weizman – Private Investigator

  CEO of Gil international security

  +(972) – 505 251 229

  +(972) – 351 80777

  37 Sheerit Israel st.  

  Tel Aviv


After many calls to our office for help, it has become clear that both women and men, who meet a new partner via online dating sites and via Facebook, have been duped.

It is clear that men and women who gave a trustworthy impression, are in actual fact serial swindlers, who have attempted or managed to defraud the other party and cunningly cheat them out of a great deal of money.
 Furthermore, in many cases, it is clear that some men, who presented themselves as single or divorced, and well-established, are in fact married, or were involved in criminal activities in the past, and their only interest lies in random meetings with women who desperately want to meet a serious, reliable and well-established man.
 Our office will check all the information about any man or woman who may arouse your suspicion, thus helping you to avoid distress.
 The investigations will include all the personal details, residential address, personal status, the name of his/her spouse, number of children, occupation and financial status, criminal allegations, civil claims in the past, whether he/she is in bankruptcy proceedings, and whether he/she is a limited customer at the bank.
 The findings will be provided within 7 working days.

Investigations will be carried out discreetly and without raising any suspicion on the part of the person under investigation.

We will be happy to provide you with this service, thus saving you much grief, distress, and possibly also loss of money.
 Please provide us with details, and a representative from our office will get back to you immediately.

 Link to an article that published abut this subject

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