Private detective

Private detectiveGil international security is a private investigation company who offers solutions in the field to corporations and to the private sector.

Our company employs private investigators with rich experience that have been certified by the Israeli justice department in Israel and took part in police activities or worked in the ministry of defense.

Gil international security and the staff holds more than 30 years of experience in the complicated field of private investigations, solving cases all around the world.

Our work is done with the highest standarts of discretion, reliability and above all professionalism.

CEO of the company: Yehuda Weizman

Served in the Israeli police in the intelligence unit of Tel aviv district functioning in operational and field intelligence, and in the drug enforcement agency in Israel performing investigations and gathering intelligence.

Over 20 years of experience in the private investigations field.

Gil international security offers solutions in these fields:

Private investigations and surveillence all over the world

Investigations in the business sector

Locating missing individuals around the world

Locating stolen property

Performing private investigations in criminal acts

Investigations in insurance company fraud

We offer elementry consultation for free with absolute descretion maintained.

As part of our service, we use the highest technology in the field of private investigations and surveillence which concludes state of the art cameras which provides pictures from a distance to protect the privacy of our clients.

  Yehuda Weizman – Private Investigator

CEO of Gil international security

+(972) – 505 251 229

+(972) – 351 80777

37 Sheerit Israel st.  

Tel Aviv